Hi ! I'm Alberto and welcome to my blog. Im an open book and love questions so ask :)

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Zodiac Files: Libra would probably be more confident if….

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How accurate?


Donny: “There are four people who have never been on the block. Think about it.”

Jocasta: “Cody, Christine, Derrick and Frankie”

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Fuck all this “deserves to be here crap” all of them no matter their background deserve to be there, they all put their lives on hold to be there. the ones that deserve to be there are there.

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reblog if you want your followers to tell you one thing they secretly think about you.

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Cody: Derrick and I wanted to work with you.
Brittany: You guys already had 9 people. Want the whole house to work together?
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Giuseppe Velardo

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